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In an effort to make democracy more transparent, the BBMP has decided to live-stream their meetings. Read on to learn more about BBMP live stream.

Taking a cue from award ceremonies and
functions that are live streamed across the world, the Bruhat Bengaluru
Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has announced that their monthly council meetings will
now be live streamed on their official website. This will make them the first
city administrative body to webcast their meetings.

BBMP Live Stream Quick Facts

  • All BBMP monthly
    council meetings to be live-streamed on the official website
  • Live streaming
    will make elected representatives more conscious of their responsibilities
  • The
    total cost of the project has been INR 80
  • Where to watch –

BBMP Live Stream And Bangalore’s History of
Live Streaming

Though it is the first to be webcast, live streaming is not something new in
Bangalore. The first such experiments were conducted in 2000 when the Bellandur
gram panchayat meetings were telecast live on local cable channels.

This was even before the Parliament
sessions were telecast live. From 2000 to 2007, the panchayat meetings were
streamed on local cable channels in Bellandur and 35 villages around it. This
experiment ended only when the panchayat was merged with the BBMP in 2008.

In September 2018, the BBMP
live-streamed the mayoral election and since then, a few council meetings have
been webcast. These sessions have received around 1300 views, In addition to
live-streaming the meetings, videos have also been uploaded on YouTube.

Why Is Live Streaming Important?

Live streaming council meetings will
make democracy a more transparent process and make council members accountable
for their actions. Before the panchayat meetings were live-streamed, many
members missed meetings on various pretexts.

Once the meetings were telecast, they
became conscious of being watched and participation became much more active.
Issues relevant to the villagers were raised and the panchayat members began to
be held accountable for their words and actions.

Unpleasant situations and even fistfights that were once a part of meetings
faded away as members became aware of being watched. With the live streaming of
council meetings could also help improve the quality of debates.

In addition, this makes the local
population more aware of how the local bodies function.

BBMP Live Stream – How will the Council
Meetings be Live Streamed?

To be able to live-stream the videos, four cameras have been installed in the meeting room. These cameras will capture the 198 corporators in action as they discuss, debate, and take a decision regarding the city. The project has cost the government INR 80 lakhs.

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